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Healthy Choice Carpet Cleaners is a family owned business that operates in San Francisco and the Bay Area.
They have been in business since 1985.

“Hello, my name is John Stewart, the owner of Healthy Choice Carpet Cleaners. In 1989 I started cleaning carpets and upholstery using the standard methods, however in those early years I began to notice that the cleaning chemicals used in the industry were making me sick. After further research I also discovered that the chemicals used in the industry caused cancer. After extensive research through medical documents and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) I found a better way to clean carpets that would be safer for the environment and healthier for my clients. I changed the methods I used and the name of the company to Healthy Choice Carpet Cleaners in 1995.

When I first changed my business model to one that was healthy and safe I was ridiculed by the competition and my suppliers. Now over 18 years later the competition is still trying to copy the Healthy Choice Method. The competition is failing however since they have not learned the one trade secret that I learned in the beginning. Sorry, that trade secret will never be disclosed.”

Healthy is better than Green...
Baby wipes vs the shower?

Healthy Choice Carpet Cleaners is a family owned business that operates in San Francisco and the Bay Area.
They have been in business since 1985.

In an effort to be “Green”, would you ever consider using just baby wipes to cleanse your body? Would you dine at a restaurant that only uses baby wipes to wash the dirty dishes in an effort to be “Green”? Of course not! Well the shocking truth is- that is exactly how most “Green” carpet cleaning companies are cleaning your carpets and rugs.

Today in order to be considered “Green” in the cleaning industry means: To conserve natural resources. That means that “green” cleaning companies must conserve water. If a cleaning company uses chemicals instead of water, then this is considered “green”: which in turn means to leave behind more contaminates and chemicals in the home; just like the baby wipes example.

When I originally changed my business model back in 1995 to be the first Green cleaner in San Francisco, “green” meant terms like wholesome, pure, natural and free of harsh or cancer causing chemicals. But the term “Green” in the cleaning Industry has been hijacked and is NOT what the consumer thinks it is. “Green” Cleaning is unhealthy and exposes people to more chemicals.

Dr. Michael Berry, the lead investigator for a 4yr long study conducted by the EPA, on the health effects of carpet cleaning to the occupants, had this to say about the “Green” movement: “It is not Science based and has morphed to the point of being idiotic” So give us a call if your carpets could use a “shower” or your rugs need a “bath”. Don't worry— your carpets will dry fast with our advanced powerful equipment.

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